Step 1: Analyze your store

We'll do a quick scan to see if your store lost much sales from abandoned cart.

Then click Set up Cart Recovery SMS Flow.

Step 2: Set up Cart Recovery SMS Flow

2.1. Select your country

Select country where you'll send SMS. Each country has its own rule on how your business can send SMS to customers.

If you select US & CA, you must follow their TCPA rules on sending out marketing SMS. Any Country allow you to send SMS to other countries.

2.2. Select your goal

SMSGem provide you 3 SMS templates with 3 different goals.

  • Limited-time offer: You'll provide your customer a discount code to encourage them close the deal.

  • Product recommendation: Send your customers a list of top products that relevant to their desired products (those have been abandoned in their cart)

  • Follow-up and Assistance: Show your empathy and willingness to support your customer if they have any concern about your services.

Then click "Select Flow".

Here, you can edit Trigger, Delay time and SMS content.

  • Trigger: an action activates your SMS flow. With Abandoned cart campaign, your SMS flow starts when a customer add products to cart and leave the checkout page.

  • Segment: You can set up which groups of customers you want to send Abandoned Cart SMS:

    • All customers

    • Country: SMSGem will only send SMS to customers in the country you select

    • Specific customers: SMSGem will on ly send SMS to customers you select

  • Minimum cart value: is the minimum number of products in the cart that customer abandoned. For example: You only want to send SMS to customers who abandoned 3 products in cart, set Minimum cart value equals to 3. SMSGem will send SMS to customers who abandoned 3 or more than 3 in their cart.

  • Delay time: The duration time to send SMS after trigger is activated

  • Content SMS: Personalize your SMS to the right segment with our lists of variants.

*Create new SMS Flow

Same with our template, you can edit Trigger, Delay time and SMS content. Check above detailed guide.

2.3. Save your Flow

Then remember to turn on your Flow and click Save Flow to make this work.

Step 3: Shield your store

Now you need to set up your Shopify Store to make it ready for any bite from TCPA compliance.

Learn more about TCPA here. 👇

🔐pageTCPA compliance

After clicking SMS Marketing, you're directed to your Shopify Setting -> Checkout

Now scroll to find Marketing options and check the SMS box, and

Then hit Save button.

GEM help: You can search SMS in the page (Ctrl + F for Windows, Cmd + F for Macs)

2.2. Add compliant to Privacy Policy

Copy our text -> Click Privacy Policy to paste it in your terms.

Gem help: Feel free to change content to find a fit for your store.

Paste in the Privacy Policy and hit Save button.

2.3. Add your compliant to the law to your Terms of Service

Same with Privacy Policy, Copy our text -> Click Terms of Service to paste it in your terms. Remember to click "Save"

Paste in the Terms of Service and hit Save button.

If you want to set it up later, you can check out our template here for you.

pageCompliance Template

After finishing all above steps, tick the check box and click Done.

Step 4: Embed app to Shopify theme

You need to embed app to your Shopify theme so that SMSGem can work on your store.

Why do I have to integrate app with my theme?

Firstly, enabling App Embeds (integrate app) allows PingMe to stay fully compatible with your theme and function at its best.

Secondly, it ensures that the app will stop at the moment you uninstall it. You don't need to manually add any scripts to the theme for the app to work, also no code removal is needed upon uninstallation.

Go to your Shopify admin -> Sales channel -> Themes

Go to App embeds.

Turn the app on and click to SAVE button to allow our app work on your theme.

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