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Abandoned cart

Recover your lost sale by a sweet & short nudge to cart abandonment shopper

How to save your lost sale in abandoned cart

Go to "Abandoned checkout recovery"
You can set up auto campaign by SMS or Whatsapp to save all your lost sales from abandoned campaigns.

SMS Flow

You can create new flow or use our template from onboarding.
SMSGem help: The area you want to send SMS is auto detected when you select area in onboarding. If you want to change this, click Create new flow and select your preferred area.

Step 1: Click
to edit your campaigns.

This prevents you from any bite of TCPA law applied in US and CA.

Step 2: Edit your campaign

a. Set up the trigger
Trigger is an action activates your SMS flow.
With Abandoned cart campaign, your SMS flow starts when a customer add products to cart and leave the checkout page.
  • Segment: You can set up which groups of customers you want to send Abandoned Cart SMS:
    • All customers
    • Country: SMSGem will only send SMS to customers in the country you select
    • Specific customers: SMSGem will on ly send SMS to customers you select
  • Minimum cart value: is the minimum number of products in the cart that customer abandoned.
    For example: You only want to send SMS to customers who abandoned 3 products in cart, set Minimum cart value equals to 3. SMSGem will send SMS to customers who abandoned 3 or more than 3 in their cart.
b. Set up your content & delay time
  • Delay time: Set up delay time to send SMS after trigger is activated
  • Content SMS: Personalize your SMS to the right segment with our lists of variants. ​
You can click "preview' to see how your SMS looks like on phone.

Step 3: Save and turn on Flow

Turn on
to start sending your campaigns. Remember to click "Save Flow".

Variant: is the information of your customers or orders that changes along with your customers/orders.

Variants are synced from your Shopify Customers information.
List of variants:
  1. 1.
    • Last name
    • First name
    • Site name: Your store name (which is originated from shopify). If my store is -> my store name is "FLOWERA"
    • Phone
    • Country
    • City
    • Address
  2. 2.
    • Abandoned checkout URL
    • Total price
    • Created order date