Understand your customer by Group segmentation
Say hello to our brand-new 'Segment' feature! This addition empowers you to categorize and organize people into distinct groups, making it easier than ever to manage and interact with your connections.
In SMSGem app, go to Segment -> Create Segment
In Segment, you can set condition that you want to define your group and Name your Segment.
In Precondition, you can set up any condition that related to your customers. Here are the list of condition you can set up:
  • Abandoned cart value: Total value of items that customer abandoned in the cart
  • Pages visited: Number of pages on your website that customer visited
  • Product clicked: Number of products that customer clicked on
  • Time spent on website: Amount of time that customer spent on your website
  • Abandoned cart size: Total number of products that customer abandoned in the cart
  • Shipping cost: Shipping cost of your orders
  • Country: Where your customer that abandoned cart in
  • Purchase frequency: Total times that the customer purchased from your website
  • Abandonment frequency: Total times that the customer (who already leave their phone nunber in form) abandoned cart

What is prefixed value?

Prefixed value of each condition that is the metrics that we analyze from your store.
For example: With abandoned cart value condition, when using prefixed value, you can know what is the maximum value of your abandoned cart, or the average or the minumum.
If your metrics on that condition is still new, you can custom value yourself by using custom.
No data on Time spent on website
Then you can name your Segment and click Create Segment.
After setting, you can set up more flows to send to your segment.
Each Segment can only goes with one Active flow. You can set up many flow send to one segment but activate one flow.