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Send email campaigns with your brand style

Campaigns list

We have popular template for SMS Campaigns that is proven for your store.
We are updating more templates. Check it often.😊

Pick from templates or Create campaign

3. Discount/Promotion Campaign

a. Set up condition

This is the campaign you can send discount code or discount link to a customer segment.

b. Set up time

Pick a time to start your campaign. If you don't set up time, campaign starts when you save successfully.

c. Set up text

In the message box, you can custom your text to your brand style, use our variants or use our templates for each events.
We recommend our text for better conversion for your SMS Campaign.


In Variant list, there's new variant DISCOUNT CODE. This discount code can be used by your customers.
This Discount code is auto sync-ed with your Discount Code in Shopify. You can pick from your list of discounts or create new one in Shopify.
After creating new Discount Code, remember to Sync to our SMSGem so you can pick it from the list.