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AI Segment

Smart Segment powered by AI that help you know your customers more
Each customer has their own portrait and behaviour. With AI Segment, we help you send the right message to the right customer.
With our first version of AI Segment, you can send abandoned cart to our AI Segment. New version with more advanced features will be coming soon.
Go to SMSGem app -> Segment with AI.
You might need to wait for few seconds while we're analyzing your statistics.
Depends on your data, you might have different segments.
Example of segment list
Example of segment list

Generate Custom SMS Flow

  • Select country/region where your customer you want to send SMS to are
  • When you click "Generate now", AI segments are auto-created in segment tab and SMS Flow for each segment is also auto-created.
This is your AI segment
This is your AI Flow
  • Now you need to go to each flow you want to activate and edit your content if you want.
  • Some SMS templates require discount code that cannot be activated. Click on content box and insert your discount.
  • Then click "Save flow" to save all new changes to your settings. Then click turn on workflow.
Make changes and activate all your SMS flows.

AI Segment

You can set up more SMS Campaigns to all the AI Segments that are created in segment list.
In Create new flow, in Trigger box, you can select your AI Segment in your list.