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How to create popup to make all Internet-surfer to your fan?

Go to Subscribers -> Collect Subscribers -> Edit on "Subscriber collection pop-up"

Step 1: Design Popup

You can change colors, text, logo, etc. to make a perfect fit for your store.

Design Floating button

Floating button is the popup in close version. When visitors close your popup, floating button appears on your page.

When you click on "Floating button", popup opens again/

Step 2: Behaviour

How the popup shows to your customers on store with delay time, which page to show popup.

Example: You can setup popup only appears on Home page after 10 seconds user visits your page.

Gem help: Floating button will show on the same pages with popup.

Step 3: Message

What you send to your customers when they leave contacts in popup form.

Gem help: Confirm link is auto-generated by the app to make sure your subscribers join your list.

Step 4: Save and Launch

Remember to save and turn on all your settings. Then wait for subcribers fill in your form.

Gem help: Both toggles are sync-ed. You only need to turn on one.

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