Create campaign

Create your own SMS Marketing Campaign

Go to Campaign -> Create Campaign

1. Name your campaign

2. Whom you send SMS to

Pick from our segment customer

Or handpick your customer.

Note: Only customers with phone number can be displayed.

3. Set up time

Set up time to start your own campaign. If you don't pick any time, campaign starts when you save successfully.

4. Set up SMS

You can send your own content with our variant or try template.

Variant: is the information of your customers or orders that changes along with your customers/orders.

Variants are synced from your Shopify Customers information.

List of variants:

  1. Customer

    • Last name

    • First name

    • Site name: Your store name (which is originated from shopify). If my store is -> my store name is "FLOWERA"

    • Phone

    • Country

    • City

    • Address

  2. Order

    • Abandoned checkout URL

    • Total price

    • Created order date

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